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What it costs to invest in mutual funds

Running a mutual fund involves a myriad of responsibilities, spanning from managing investments to administration and maintaining open lines of communication with investors. Understanding the Cost Landscape 1. Management Expense Ratio (MER): Navigating the Financial Terrain The MER encapsulates fees for overseeing invested funds, encompassing management fees, operating expenses, and taxes annually. Dive deeper into the intricacies with our exploration of the RFG anatomy. 2. Trading Expense Ratio (TER): Unveiling the World of Trades TER illustrates the trading commissions paid when the portfolio management team buys or sells fund securities. For a detailed analysis, explore the anatomy of the RFO in our article. 3. Subscription Fees: Navigating Investment Transactions Separate from MER, sales charges apply when investors buy or sell mutual fund units. Differentiating from trailing commissions embedded in management fees, these charges demand attention. Decoding Sales Charges: Know What

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