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Utilising group medical insurance for strategic employee retention

Whether it is the great resignation, quiet quitting, or the recent trend of moonlighting, the Indian corporate sector has been facing challenges with a high employee attrition rate for years. With the overall average attrition rate increasing to 20.3% in the first half of 2022 and financial services where it rose to 32.7% in 2023, employee turnover in India is very high. High attrition and turnover rates can result in constant outflow and inflow of talent, costing the company money, resources and time invested in the training and development of an employee. This is where companies can provide perks and benefits to ensure the retention of employees.  One such crucial and beneficial tool which can be incorporated to ensure the attraction of top talent and retention of valuable employees is group medical insurance . What is group medical insurance? Group medical insurance is a type of health insurance coverage provided by employers to their employees. It is typically offered as part of a
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10 business name generators to launch your brand

In the vast landscape of online business, a unique and catchy name can make all the difference. But where do you find that perfect moniker that captures your essence? Fear not, as we explore a multitude of business name generators that could be your ticket to a brand identity that stands out. Dive into the World of Business Name Generators If you're on the quest for the ideal business name, the Business Name Generator site is your starting point. Navigate through popular generators and a variety of specialized options, tailored for startups, creative companies, podcasts, and more. Choosing the Right Generator Once on the site, the options are diverse. Pick a generator that aligns with your business, enter your keywords, and voilĂ  - a list of eye-catching brand names awaits. 1. Wordoid: Crafting the Unconventional Wordoid is a "smart naming tool" designed for those who want a creative brand name that might not necessarily follow conventional language rules. Whether you see

What do you mean by Hedging in Futures Trading

What Exactly are Futures Trading? Futures trading involves predicting the future prices of commodities, currencies, or financial assets through contracts. These contracts bind traders to buy or sell at predetermined prices and dates, enabling them to profit from price fluctuations without owning the assets. It's a method of anticipating market movements and safeguarding against risks. Hedging in Futures Trading: A Smart Move for Risk Reduction Hedging in futures trading acts as a strategic safeguard against unexpected price changes in diverse financial markets. Think of it as a backup plan, a risk-reduction method that works by making opposing bets in futures contracts on the same or related assets. This smart move helps minimize or even eliminate potential losses caused by market fluctuations, proving crucial in unpredictable markets across various fields, from farming to finance. How to Hedge Using Futures Trading: A Step-by-Step Guide 1. Choose the Right Futures Contract To begi

Reasons to Make a Contract with Recruitment Agency

In the fast-paced world of business, hiring the right personnel is a pivotal task. Yet, navigating this complex process without the assistance of specialized recruiting companies can be time-consuming. Let's explore the key reasons why opting for a contract recruitment agency can make all the difference. 1. Access to a Large Pool of Qualified Candidates Hiring a recruiting firm opens the door to a multitude of advantages, primarily access to a vast pool of skilled job prospects. These agencies invest considerable time actively seeking out candidates, forging enduring connections through various sourcing tactics. From networking events to job sites and referrals, they meticulously maintain complete profiles in their application tracking system. Benefits: Greater choices for hiring managers. Rapid screening of pre-qualified profiles. Regular communication with candidates for updated information. Access to both active and passive applicants. 2. Expertise in the Recruitment Process Rec

Online trading: 5 pitfalls to avoid

Choosing the Right Path to Financial Success in Online Trading In today's digital age, online trading has become a magnet for individuals fascinated by stock market investments and Forex. However, diving into the world of trading without a solid understanding can jeopardize your investments. Let's explore the common mistakes that can drain your funds and how to navigate this financial landscape successfully. Mastering the Basics: The Foundation of Successful Investments Trading unfolds on user-friendly online platforms or mobile applications, facilitating investments in forex and financial securities. The key to success lies in acquiring a strong foundation through the best online trading training before venturing into the market. This training encompasses everything from E.books to online trading guides for beginners. Choosing Wisely: The Ideal Trading Platform Selecting the right trading platform is crucial. Opt for a site with an ergonomic and intuitive interface, led by exp

Forex and Forex trading: the complete guide!

What is Forex? A Beginner's Journey into Currency Trading Forex, or Foreign Exchange, emerges as the perfect gateway for trading novices. Simpler than equity and derivatives markets, Forex stands out for its unparalleled accessibility. Countless resources, from YouTube tutorials to training packs and forums, are dedicated to demystifying this dynamic market. Understanding Forex: A Deep Dive Forex Demystified Forex, a contraction of Foreign Exchange, is the bustling marketplace where currencies change hands. With daily transactions exceeding a staggering $6.6 trillion, Forex operates uniquely. Unlike stock trading, it lacks a centralized platform, with currencies exchanged between players via phone or electronic communication networks (ECN). Forex remains open 24/5, from Sunday evening to Friday evening. Decentralized Dynamics Forex operates as a combination of several decentralized markets, each with its unique features. The London market, leading the pack with almost 40% of daily

What it costs to invest in mutual funds

Running a mutual fund involves a myriad of responsibilities, spanning from managing investments to administration and maintaining open lines of communication with investors. Understanding the Cost Landscape 1. Management Expense Ratio (MER): Navigating the Financial Terrain The MER encapsulates fees for overseeing invested funds, encompassing management fees, operating expenses, and taxes annually. Dive deeper into the intricacies with our exploration of the RFG anatomy. 2. Trading Expense Ratio (TER): Unveiling the World of Trades TER illustrates the trading commissions paid when the portfolio management team buys or sells fund securities. For a detailed analysis, explore the anatomy of the RFO in our article. 3. Subscription Fees: Navigating Investment Transactions Separate from MER, sales charges apply when investors buy or sell mutual fund units. Differentiating from trailing commissions embedded in management fees, these charges demand attention. Decoding Sales Charges: Know What