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Iggy Azalea Net Worth 2023

 Birth name: Amethyst Amelia Kelly

  • Birthplace: Sydney Australia

  • Birthday: June 7, 1990

  • Boyfriend: Swaggy P

  • Net Worth: $5 million

  • Salary: In 2013 Iggy Azalea reportedly earned $2 million.

  • She revives 88 and the female rap (Nicki Minaj) who had only one face for years. Iggy Azalea is Australia's latest threat and one of the first white female rappers to hit the mainstream. Oh wait, she's the first white rapper to reach mainstream. Iggy's genuine Australian accent was hidden by his rigorous raw rap skills. She's still at the forefront of her career with a lot to prove, but with the number one single, I think Nikki can finally say that she has someone to compete with. Iggy Azalea moved to Miami at the age of 16. She grew up in Mullumbimby South Wales, a small Australian town surrounded by many deserts. Her hip-hop music wasn't popular among her peers, and she promised she would be a rap star. She didn't care about anyone. When she was a teenager, she was part of a girl group that later broke up. In 2006, he wanted to travel and stay in Miami on his own. While in Miami, she dated a man who sold steroids and prescription drugs at a local gym, almost twice her age. She lived with him and she went out with him for three years until her incident rocked her and forced her out. In a 2013 Breakfast Club interview on 105.1 Power, Iggy claims that her home was robbed and her incident scared her.After moving south, Iggy was rapper and CEO Grand Hustle, T.I. Discovered by. The person who signed it with his seal. Iggy claimed it was a minute before she accepted her contract, and she declared that she had no artists other than her daughter's group OMG Girlz. In 2012, he left the label and signed with Virgin EMI and Island Def Jam for $ 3 million on five albums.Iggy released and signed the musical idea for his single Pu $$ at Grand Hustle. The video was word-of-mouth and has been viewed more than a million times about World Star, which has received a lot of attention from Iggy and more and more fans. In 2014, Iggy released his debut album, The New Classic. The album's fourth single, "Fancy," reached number one on the Billboard charts and was internationally charted. The music video was inspired by the 90's teenage movie "Clueless". At the same time, Iggy's single with Ariana Grande is second in the Billboard Hot 100.Iggy dated the label JamDef $ A Rocky in 2011. The two were kindly separated, and Iggy confirmed in 2013 that she was dating LA Lakers basketball player Swaggie P. The couple starred in a GQ spread filmed at his home in Los Angeles.


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